"Innovative Motor Solutions"


In applications where accurate speed control and speed holding is critical. They are extremely useful in applications where speed synchronism between different machines is required e.g. Synthetic fibre industry, glass making machinery, textiles etc.

Some of the applications for which these motors have been supplied:

  • For use in glass making machinery --- Substitute for US & German motors
  • For spinning metering pump 0.32/1.6 hp , 4 pole, 16-80 Hz , 54-220V, Foot mounting NEMA 182 frame
  • For feed roll 5KW ,1500 rpm, 4 pole , 220V/50 Hz, suitable for frequency 25 to 130 Hz and 110V to 572V, flange mounted,112 frame, TEFC type
  • Friction Roll motor (Reluctance synchronous)0.625hp, 1500rpm(4 pole), 100V/50Hz, suitable for frequency 40 to 120 Hz and 80V, foot mounted, NEMA 42 frame -182, TESC type

Ratings & Frame Sizes

Both in NEMA and IEC frames, upto 15 KW