Synchronous Motors

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Reluctance Synchronous Motors


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors


What is a synchronous motor ?

It is similar to a squirrel cage induction motor with the difference being the rotor has salient poles or permanent magnets.

Mark Elektriks developed synchronous motors in 1980s and are regularly manufacturing them in two designs a) Reluctance Synchronous Motors b) Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Manufacturing Range

  • Reluctance Synchronous motor construction : 0.09 KW to 7.5 KW in 4 pole, 6 pole and 8 pole construction
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor : 0.09 KW to 11 KW in 4 pole and 6 pole construction

Similarities in above two models

Both the motors have similar torque speed characteristics, similar construction (except rotor) and work on the same principle of synchronous speed. In both the motors the motor speed is dependant on input frequency

Differences in the above two models

Construction wise they have Permanent magnets embedded in the rotor to form fixed poles in the rotor Rotor has only salient poles and no Permanent magnets
Application wise
These are specified for applications where a constant angular position alongwith synchronism is required.
For normal critical speed applications


Reluctance Synchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motors are available in IEC frames/ NEMA frames as well as in non standard frame sizes as per customer drawings on one to one basis