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“MARK” Permanent Magnet Brushless Ac Servo Motors For Injection Moulding

Mark Elektriks brings to you Energy efficient servomotor for pump for injection molding, presses and hydraulic machines. Servo pumps (servo motor + pump) combine the advantages of hydraulic power transmission and an electrically controlled power actuator. By enabling optimal energy usage in the partial load range Mark Elektriks offers energy-efficient and cost-effective servo motors for power outputs up to 50 KW

“MARK” Permanent Magnet Brushless Ac Servo Motors when integrated with pump and controller, can be connected to your machine with ease. This allows you to significantly reduce the energy consumption of your injection molding machine.

Your benefits of using “MARK” Permanent Magnet Brushless Ac Servo Motors:

Benefits in the product Benefits for customer
Considerbale Reduction in energy consumption and therefore reduced energy costs Quick payback of any higher initial costs for servo motor and servo drive usually within 1 year
Better control characteristics Easy replacement of electronic-hydraulic variable pump
Integrated closed-loop control in converter;better hydraulic control Ability to connect to machine controller without difficulty (Plug & Play) > Retrofits can be made without adapting the control system We have partners to provide retrofits
Higher efficiency than a controlled asynchronous motor with variable pump Minimal operating costs
Less heating, thus allowing a lesser cooling requirement More compact machine design and additional cost reduction due to less cooling demand
Lower noise generation Less effort required for noise insulation

Features Of “MARK” Permanent Magnet Brushless Ac Servo Motors

  • Compact design & high power density
  • Rare Earth high energy magnets
  • Constant Torque (rated) on entire speed range
  • Low Noise & vibration levels
  • Totally enclosed design
  • Low rotor inertia

Technical Data for Injection moulding servo motors:

Frame Size – IEC Foot Cum Flange Rated RPM range Rated Torque NM Rated KW Output @ max. rated RPM
100 L 1500 - 3000 40 NM 12.5
112 L 2000 - 2400 60 NM 15.0
132 S / 132 1500 - 2400 90 NM 22.0
132 L / 160 M 2000 - 2400 120 NM 30.0
160 L 1500 - 2000 180 NM 37.0

Technical Specification Of “MARK” Permanent Magnet Brushless Ac Servo Motors

  • Enclosure – IP 54
  • Temperature Protection for windings, thermister / thermal switch
  • Insulation Class ‘H’
  • Cooling – forced air cooling by axial blower motor.
  • Frame : Cast Iron & Mounting as per standard drawing foot cum flange
  • Bearings – Deep groove ball bearings.
  • Speed Feedback at N.D.E.
    • Incremental / sin cos encoder
    • Resolver
  • Number of Poles 8 / 6
  • Rated Voltage 380 V (Max.), 3 Phase.