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45 years of serving various industries and applications we can offer you the best and most economical motor

For the last many years Mark Elektriks has been present wherever people in India have needed Special motors and custom made motors in their application. With this wealth of acquired experience, Mark Elektriks’ engineers and technicians are able to offer you reliable, innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, in all types of industry. Being medium scale and flexible allows Mark Elektriks to gain an understanding of your needs from the initial product design stage and incorporate any special / custom made features required in the motors
Textile Ring rail machine, ring spinning, draw frame
Pharmaceutical Rapid mixer granulators, Tablet presses
Plastic Injection moulding servo pump
Elevators Gearless lifts, home lifts
Power generation Wind generators
Synthetic fiber (POY / PSF /Acrylic Yarn) Godet motors – hot godet motors and cold godet motors, spin finish motors, gear pump motors, traverse motors, metering pumps
Material handling Conveyors, cranes etc.
Glass making IS machines
Plastic Winding
Wire and cable Winding
Nuclear power Reactor rod motors
Irrigation Dam and canal gates
Cement plants Material handling - Cable Reeling Drums
Machinery manufacturers Various machines
Research and education Pm generators, special induction motors
Steel plants Material handling – Cable Reeling drums
Ports Material handling - Cable Reeling Drums
Mining Material handling – Cable Reeling drums
Winding applications Different Materials Winding: Stainless steel wire, brass wire,tinned wire etc.