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Gearless Elevator Motors-Ascent Series (Machine roomless MRL elevator motor)

Mark Elektriks brings to the Indian customers a world class technology of Gearless Permanent Magnet Machines for Elevator motors, under the “ASCENT ” brand of Gearless elevator machines for Home lift, 4 passengers, 6 passenger, 8 passengers.

The “ASCENT ” Series of Gearless elevator motors (Machine roomless MRL elevator motor) brings many advantages over the conventional Geared elevator motors.


“Mark” gearless elevator motors are permanent magnet synchronous machines (Machine roomless MRL elevator motor) and distinguish themselves with:

  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for elevators with or without machine room (Machine roomless MRL elevator motor)
  • High efficiency and Energy Saving of more than 30%
  • Manual brake release
  • Quiet and smooth operation for passenger comfort
  • Maintenance free operation and Easy adjustment
  • Package solution (motor + inverter)
  • It is also equipped with a manual release device for emergency evacuation in case of powerloss
  • Certified brake (certification in process)
The “Ascent” elevator motor series is specially designed for Machine roomless MRL elevators in suspension 2:1

Why Us?

  • More than 25 years experience in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.
  • More than 45 years experience in special motors
  • Indigenously manufactured hence cost effective
  • Being Indian Manufacturer easy technical and service back up
  • Several Machine roomless MRL elevator motor

Home Lift

GEM 6 ( 6 passengers)

GEM 8 ( 8 passengers)