Energy Efficient Motors

"Innovative Motor Solutions"

Energy resources worldwide are depleting at very high rate and energy conservation is becoming the norm of the day. With stricter energy consumption norms worldwide Energy Efficient Motors are manufactured in IEE efficiency classes (I,II,III) as per customer requirement.

Energy efficient motors, also called premium or high- efficiency motors, are 2 to 8% more efficient than standard motors. Motors qualify as"energy-efficient" if they meet or exceed the efficiency levels listed in the National Electric Manufacturers Association's (NEMA's) MG1-1993 publication. Energy efficient motors owe their higher performance to key design improvements and more accurate manufacturing tolerances.

Lengthening the core and using lower-electrical-loss steel, thinner stator laminations, and more copper in the windings reduce electrical losses in Energy efficient motors. Improved bearings and a smaller, more aerodynamic cooling fan further increase efficiency in the design of Energy efficient motors

Energy efficient motors should be considered for all new installations, replacement of failed motors, or as spares. Energy efficient motors are frequently a cost-effective alternative to rewinding, and are sometimes an economic substitute for well-functioning motors in high-duty applications.